Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo (다이나믹듀오) is a Korean hip hop duo that came out of CB Mass. Their debut album Taxi Driver (2004) was the best selling hip hop album in South Korea that year, recording 50,000 sales in its first month of release. Their second album, Double Dynamite – Operating Manual won them “Best Hiphop Album” in the Korean Popular Music Awards in 2005. They have released five albums to date.

Choiza and Gaeko met in 6th grade. They were part of the underground hip hop group kod and with Curbin created a new group, CB Mass. The group debuted in 2000 and released a CD to moderate success. After a second CD, they broke up in 2003, then formed Dynamic Duo. Choiza and Gaeko are their childhood nicknames. Gaeko’s real name is Kim Yun-sung and Choiza’s is Choi Jae-ho. Gaeko married on May 2011, then he enlisted in the army.

Taxi Driver (2004)
Double Dynamite – Operating Manual (2005)
Enlightened (2007)
Love Is Enlightened- Repackage (2007)
Last Days (2008)
GONE (New Ways Always) (2008)
Ballad for Fallen Soul Part 1 (2009)
Band of Dynamic Brothers (2009)
Dynamic Duo Vol.5 – Triple Dynamite (0CD vs Gaeko) (Sep. 2009)
Vol. 6 – Digilog 1/2 (2011)
Vol. 6 – Digilog 2/2 (2012)


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